Refund policy

Admission Application fees once paid is non-refundable and / or non-transferable for users who have been shortlisted for admission as per norms of the concerned University / RCI/ Institute.

However, in cases wherein Users were eligible for admission and who had completed all norms, terms & conditions, eligibility criteria, verified their documents etc. as per University / RCI rules; but were not granted admission due to filling up of seats; for such users Refund of the admission application amount will be made after a deduction of the registration / processing fees, bank charges etc. paid to University / RCI and deduction of 15 % administrative fees.

No refund will be processed in case Refund application is made later than 14 days from the date of closure of admission.

Cancellation of Registration

In case you do not complete the required formalities for admission as per noms of the concerned University / RCI / Institutes when called to do so and / or are unable to submit the requisite documents required for confirmation of admission; admission application registration shall be deemed to be cancelled and no refund shall be made.

No cancellation of admission policy

Once admission is offered, no refund will be payable. Since seats are limited in most programmes, candidates should only apply if they are very serious for admission.

All applications related to refund maybe made on