The agency (SAP Associates) has developed this Common Admission Platform for facilitating common admission application for the users who wish to take admission in the different academic programmes of empanelled Institutions. List of empanelled Institutions is available in Institute choice and list of respective programmes are available under programme choice. The users are being facilitated to apply in different institutions through a common admission application platform for the same.


By submitting this common admission application; the user undertakes to follow and abide by all the terms and conditions, eligibility, procedures, fees payment schedule as may be enlisted by the concerned Institute along with that of the concerned Institute, University, RCI, respective Governments and related bodies in full and as may be amended from time to time. User may please refer & satisfy themselves with the affiliating body guidelines, parent body notifications, circulars, prospectus, fees, eligibility, mode, specialization, prospects of the programme etc. available but not limited to on the respective University, RCI & Institute websites separately so that the user may make themselves fully aware & satisfied prior to making any application and payments on this platform.

The user should understand & agree that this platform has only been created to facilitate him / her to apply for admission in different programmes of different University / Institution.

The user has given the preference of choice of Institution for being considered for admission and shall proceed to complete the formalities for admission in the institutions by which the admission is offered.

The user has given one / more than one choice of programme / courses, and shall proceed to complete the formalities for admission in any of the programmes /course, he / she is offered admission.

The user undertakes to fulfil / meet all admission guideline, entrance test, counselling, eligibility, fees, norms, guidelines, procedures, terms and conditions as may be required by RCI, affiliating University (if any), State Government, Institute/ College etc. and as may be notified / announced from time to time.

The application fees being paid by the user is non-refundable and non-transferable . Only in case when the user is not able to get admission inspite of his/ her fulfilling all criteria, eligibility, guideline etc.; he /she shall be eligible for refund of the application amount paid by him /her as per REFUND policy. No other amount over & above this amount shall be payable in whatsoever manner.  In case of any litigation / claims etc. and that the liability of the agency i.e. SAP Associates shall not exceed the amount paid by the user under any circumstances whatsoever.  Any dispute shall be Subject to jurisdiction of courts of Delhi only.

The user certifies and solemnly declares that the information submitted by him/ her  are true and the user has not concealed anything there from. The user undertakes to   follow all rules and regulations of all stakeholders in letter and spirit.

Kindly note this application is not a guarantee for admission and is a mere registration of your application for admission. User will also be required to apply/follow the awaited guidelines to be issued by different statutory bodies as applicable including University / RCI/ Institute etc. The user shall be informed by email to visit the respective Institute to register and follow the guidelines for completing the process of admission in timely manner for all case wherein the application is found complete and eligibility met apart from other terms and conditions which may be applicable for admission in the session 2021.  

By submitting this application for admission, the candidate hereby undertakes to follow and abide by all the terms and conditions for the admission of University, RCI, Institute, SAP Associates and related bodies in full and as may be amended from time to time.